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ZOC Terminal

The SSH Client That Will Make You Happy

ZOC Terminal is a professional secure shell client and terminal emulation. Through its modern user interface, it will make your life easier in many ways.

In its own way, ZOC is the Swiss Army Knife of terminal emulators:
versatile, robust, proven.

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About ZOC

ZOC Terminal is a professional and feature-rich ssh client for Windows and macOS.

It lets you access servers and network gear using the secure shell protocol. The program offers everything that you expect from a modern secure shell client.

ZOC Terminal Emulation Screenshots

What is a SSH-Client?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a cryptographic network protocol that transports data securely over an unsecured network. As the name implies, its main purpose is to provide a secure connection to a remote shell account.

The SSH client is the software, which the user runs on his local computer to connect to the remote computer. Once connected, the ssh-client enables the user to run programs or perform other tasks on the remote server.



Overview of ZOC's SSH Features:
  • Based on industry reference implementation OpenSSH
  • Client supports latest encryptions like ED25519 SHA256, SHA2 or AES-256ctr
  • SSH public key, keyboard interactive or password authentication
  • Dynamic port forwarding (client as a SOCKS proxy)
  • X11 forwarding (lets you run X-Windows applications in the remote session)
  • Static port forwarding (tunneling of connections to predefined destinations)
  • Proxy support (client connects to server through proxy)
  • SSH Agent forwarding between client and server
  • Client side SSH key generator
  • :w
  • SFTP file transfer
  • SSH client protocol versions 1 and 2
  • SSH Keep-Alive

General Features:
  • Wide range of emulations and alternate connection methods
  • Host directory with user defined tabs and folders
  • Multiple sessions in tabbed window
  • Color coded hosts and tabs
  • User bar with user defined buttons and actions
  • Scripting and recording of SSH sessions
  • Powerful scripting language with screen-scrape ability
  • Supports Windows 7/8/10 and macOS Sierra
  • Administrator friendly with easy deployment
  • Fast with small memory footprint (RAM and hard drive)
  • Portable installation available
Start your free 30 days evaluation today and download
zoc V8.08.4 for Windows or macOS.

ZOC for Windows (32-bit)


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